The addicted twitterer @jithinkr

Hi twitterer!

This page should let you know about who this twitter is and what this twitter does.

I am Jithin K.Rajeev. I pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Technology at The National Institute of Technology, Thiruchirapalli. My interests include Programming, Networking, Work Outs, Food and Friends. I find happiness in helping others find solutions to their problems. I don’t like to inflict harm on others. However sometimes things do go awry. I do make sure that everything is warm and fine at the end of the day.

I started blogging in the Summer of 2007. In the beginning, I expect to make blog as a source of income. But later I thought that before making an income from blogging, I have to invest a share of money and time in it. I started my first blogs about Chemistry and Internet in blogspot domain and later moved on to wordpress, which I felt was more user friendly. Now I blog for sheer fun. To form new bonds and discover more. I am still a student, I will start earning when the time is riper.

I blog about things I see online, read in the papers, campus experiences, humor among friends, the lighter sides of life, the other side of life. I am a Ubuntu user and my posts on technology also includes topics related to Linux, Blogging and Softwares. You can find them at Novice Investigator.

My second blog is about things I come across daily be it in the newspaper or in the idiot box or in my mobile phone. A collection of amusing articles and my opinion about them. Since I was introduced to Stumble Upon during those days I named my blog The Daily Stumbler.

Thanks for visiting my about page. Catch my tweets back here. You can also catch up with me on Orkut, StumbleUpon, Digg.

To know more about this blog click here.


One thought on “The addicted twitterer @jithinkr

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