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I am Jithin K.Rajeevand I pursue my Bachelor’s Degree inChemical Engineeringat National Institute of Technology, Thiruchirapalli. I was born in Kerala, but completed my schooling in Tamil Nadu. I passed out from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Kalpakkam.

I am from childhood quite obsessed with Computers and Internet. I soon came across hacker-dom and cracker-dom. Then came programming. And then blogging. And then Linux. My every experience has indeed been an experience.

This blog connects my other two active blogs and also posts that come from my heart. Thoughts about my life, the world, the life of people who are around me. For posts about technology, Linux, softwares, hacking, programming, I blog at Novice Investigator which I may rename as Novel Investigations. For posts about blogs, websites, mobile forwards, news snippets, words that I stumble upon every other day, I run The Daily Stumbler.

Reach Me

I am glad to meet new friends who share similar interests. After all this is a small world. You can leave a comment in this page and I will reach back to you.


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