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The Google Story

The Google Story

Google is everyone’s favorite today. The first place you visit when online is some Google Product or the other. Opinions may vary. The Google Story by David A.Vise is a well crafted book, beautifully compiled that tells the birth of Google to it’s Days of Glory. This book kept me occupied this summer.



Happy New Year!

Well dear friends! Another wonderful year is coming to an end. A year of hopes, happiness, and it’s own shares of sorrow and failure. A year with mixed shades of life. I too have my own share of surprises and secrets, many of which I have shared through my ‘other’ blogs. I have created so many wordpress blogs, blogged regularly on two, rarely on some and deleted many.

I have this bad habit of hunting for fancy blog url’s and when struck with one I register it. But later I find some other url fancier and abandon the previous one. Yes, it is unfair, because I am making those url’s unavailable for many other bloggers. This is what free registeration results in. I have realised this and hence taking cue from other bloggers have decided to register a blog under my handle name and hence iThink was born.

My first resolution for this new year is that, “I will register another wordpress blog only after enough thoughts and if and only if it is necessary. Since I have enough blogs that I have the least hopes of achieving a really good readers base, hence, 2009 will not see another blog registered by me.” Let’s see how long this resolution holds unbroken.

So friends, have fun while playing safe.

Happy New Year ’09!

Yours, Jithin.


The habit of writing diary is a good one, because you feel nostalgic when you read your own diary at a later date. It’s like keeping a little secret from everyone. Through this blog I try to reach out and find new friends with thoughts similar. Know the world. I have a hope within me, which no one else can reach to manipulate. These hopes make life meaningful and worth living.

On my Silver Screen

The ShawShank Redemption

The ShawShank Redemption

Thanks to my friend Prince Sabahut Ali, I watched The ShawShank Redemption today. I should say, “Watch the movie, it’s worth it.”

2008. A year of Surprise.

I sometimes curse my memory. I feel it is short term. I thought of writing a long post about all the memories of 2008. But I feel, I have forgotten a major chunk of what happened during the first 6 months or so. One most important reason for that is the beginning of the ‘academic year’ in the middle of the year.

So in 2008, I enjoyed half of my first year and half of my second year. Hmm.. After all my memory isn’t that bad. I feel memories and events returning back to me, as though a flash back. A long post is a pain to read, especially in today’s hurry burry world. Hope this post will be short yet worthy.

The 2nd semester was to be frank, fun. Discovered more about my new friends. Rediscovered contacts and connected to friends who had distanced from me long back. A big thanks to orkut and gmail for making it all possible. Then there was the academic year itself, filled with fun and the sorrow of being seperated from the mixed first year batch to the departments. The outings and tours with friends, persuading others to come, were all a memorable.

And 3rd semester was interesting. Friends, lose of a friend, seniors, activities, competitions, festivals, fights, explorations, travels. And new laptop, programs, problems, solutions, games, movies, songs. This odd semester flew away faster than I expected it to move.

This year had elements of surprise for me. First was my second semester grade. I remember a friend of mine asking, “I don’t think you have put as much effort this time as you had put last time”. Truly even I was thinking along the same lines. But the grades surprised me. Again a similar experience in the 3rd semester. The results were released on New Year eve. It seemed like a present, a gift. Another big surprise and miracle also happened.

Meeting old friends is a delight. It’s been a month and a half since I met my college friends. Looking forward to meet up with my gangs. Friends here I come!

P.S. I had posted about me not getting an ‘S’ grade in Process Calculation. Am surprised to know that I did succeed!

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